Yoga Classes in Rye, East Sussex

Friday Afternoon Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga Classes East Sussex

1:30 – 3pm

Hub on Rye Hill, Kiln Drive, Rye Foreign, TN31 7SQ

The world around us has changed so much over the last year and now it is time to emerge out of our bubbles back into the fullness of life. But it is so important that we do so gently embracing the gift of time and rest that we were offered during the recent months and take this forward with us as we emerge into a new way of living. A way of being which values our time alone, our time to rest and refill our own cups and a time to nurture ourselves with love and gentleness.

Leela’s Friday afternoon sessions are an opportunity to continue to find a place of rest and nurturing. Women coming together in circle to practice restorative yoga and relaxation practices, such as Yoga Nidra or guided meditation. Led by Leela who will nurture you to turn your attention to yourself, your own needs and to reconnect with your own beautiful shining light.

In a judgement free space we will explore yoga and your body encouraging you to find new levels of possibilities in both body and mind whilst also providing the tools to bring the practice off the mat and into your daily lives.

Classes are always small in number, taught in circle, welcoming and responsive to the needs of the group that have gathered in that particular moment…
Leela’s classes are suitable for all levels and a perfect introduction to yoga and meditation for the complete beginner.
A little more detail about Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra can be found here:
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£10 per session.

Friday Restorative Yoga at Rye Hub

5 classes £45 (£9 per session)

Friday Restorative Yoga at Rye Hub Session Pass