Self care Sundays are an opportunity to take some time to pause, to fuel ourselves, nourish our bodies and nurture our souls.

Women coming together in sharing circles to practice gentle, restorative yoga and relaxation practices led by Leela who will nurture you to turn your attention to yourself, your own needs and to reconnect with your own beautiful shining light.
We will also share daily rituals and practices, essential oils and natural products which can be very easily brought into your daily routine.

These Sundays are all about stepping out of your daily routine, reconnecting with and honouring yourself and each session will be responsive to the needs of the circle gathered.

The sessions will run monthly and numbers will be limited to a maximum of 6 to ensure small nurturing circles of sharing and support...

Investment £20

If you need any further information or have any questions at all please do contact



A time for deep rest through the gift of Yoga Nidra meditation, yogic sleep, a transformative state of deep relaxation. Carole will gently guide you into a conscious yet deep sleep where you are able to access, and learn from, your inner awareness.

Yoga Nidra provides a space to lie down, listen and find yourself connecting with all that you are and everything that is. You will explore your body and breath, using your senses as a microscope to observe and welcome every aspect of your being, leading the body and mind into a deep state of relaxation. Yoga nidra doesn’t try to fix anything, instead, through deep heartfelt listening and welcoming, it allows many problems of the body and mind to find harmony and resolution.