Womens Circles

When women gather in circle magic happens…

A coming together with open honest hearts, nurturing and supporting each other.

A place to nourish, slow down and remember what truly matters.

A space where layers can be shed, weight dropped and magic happens…

The circle is an experience of exploring the power of tapping into ultimate self love. We will share, create, explore and recharge with meditation and relaxation to leave feeling nourished, recharged and inspired.

You are invited to experience the magic of women coming together with a shared intention to celebrate each other and experience something deeply powerful and invigorating for both heart and soul.

Can you hear the call of the circle? It is a gentle and insistent whisper that lovingly awakens you to pay attention and to consciously join with other soulful women who are also awakening to their own powerful transformation during these changing times on this planet.

Women have been communing in circles throughout the ages, sometimes openly and sometimes in secret, but always, with the intention to bear loving witness to the lives of other women offering support, strength and wisdom.

Julia  Anastasiou  – The Circle