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Womens Circles

Womens Circles

When women gather in circle magic happens…

A coming together to harness the potent energy of the Goddess moon. Gathering in moon circles to set intentions, clear energy, gain clarity and connect with ourselves and each other through a shared divine feminine energy.

We will share meditation and chanting to connect with our own heart centre and the shared energy before taking time individually to plant seeds and set intentions for our dreams, goals and wishes on the New Moon, a time where the subconscious is quieter and we are afforded an opportunity to call in what it is we want to manifest.

At the Full Moon the subconscious mind is closer to the surface, everything is heightened, and we can use this time to release and let go of all that no longer serves us.

Once we have finished working with our intentions, we will take time to sit in circle to share tea and any thoughts we may wish to. We will then end by gathering in silence to go back into the heart centre, feeling the radiance of your own body and its connection to the vastness of the magic around you, opening to and allowing healing to unfold in the beautiful gathered energy of the evening.

Over the coming month I shall be adding much more detail about the power of women gathering in circles, how the circles will run and the nurturing environment we will be seeking to create under the magical energies of current moon cycles.

There are very limited spaces in the circle so booking is required, drop ins will not be possible.

A private group will be set up for those with an interest in these circles and exploring the magic of harnessing the energy of Goddess Moon.

Please email Leela if you would like to reserve a space in circle and to be added to the Goddess circle private group:



NEW MOON CIRCLE                       Friday 27th September

FULL MOON CIRCLE                      Sunday 13th October

NEW MOON CIRCLE                      Sunday 27th October

FULL MOON CIRCLE                     Tuesday 12th November

NEW MOON CIRCLE                      Tuesday 26th November

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