Go within and listen
Then do as within is promoting you to do. Be your own teacher
Learn to relax and trust the movement of life and
You will enjoy life more fully…

For me personally, the gift of meditation has been the greatest gift of all. It has brought peace and calm into my busy mind, adopting a mindful approach to daily living has enabled to me to find a joy which had begun to get lost in the busyness and stress of daily living.

Some years ago I made my first trip to India, a life changing journey to a country I now call my spiritual home. Prior to this trip I had no experience or understanding of meditation, buddhist philosophy or the gift of mindful living. Nor did I have a yoga practice at that time.  I was drawn to visit India to give something back as the trip was raising funds for and working with an international charity and also afforded me the opportunity to a private audience with and attend teachings by the Dalai Lama. Something changed after those teachings such simple words conveyed such big messages and lessons, the beautiful people I met as part of the group I travelled with, and the Tibetans in Exile we encountered in McLeod Ganj left a huge and lasting impression which for me was life changing…

Following this trip I went on to undertake further study into Buddhist meditation; attending teachings at Samye Ling Monastery in Scotland. Followed by training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy. My yoga teacher training also built upon my knowledge and experience of the practice of meditation.

For me now, meditation is the non-negotiable part of my day. If I do not start my day with meditation I am less productive, less focused and lose sight of the joy of being fully present in each moment. The time spent in meditation gives me more time in my day…

Although my experience is of differing types of meditation practices, albeit with a strong pull towards Buddhist methods. I do feel the theory and practice of mindfulness is at the core of all meditation practices.


Mindfulness is a life skill which can deepen our sense of wellbeing and fulfilment.

It is about paying attention to what is occurring in our present moment experience with an attitude of openness and non-judgemental acceptance.

It is about being in touch with ourselves, with others and with our surroundings in the present moment.

Mindfulness teaches us to be more present in every moment, to savour every second of life. To appreciate each and every moment of life.

Mindfulness can help us become healthier, less affected by stress, more relaxed, to sleep better and to be more creative. It improves your relationships making you and those around you happier.

Most of the time we are on autopilot, a passenger on our own life journey. Through meditation and mindfulness practices we can turn off the autopilot and truly engage, moving through life aware, awake and present in every moment.

“ Mindfulness is a turning towards life. To live life as if each moment is important, as if each and every moment counted and could be worked with, even if it is a moment of pain, sadness, despair or fear.”
Jon Kabat -Zinn

“Mindfulness refers to keeping ones consciousness alive to the present reality. It s the miracle by which we master and restore ourselves.”
Thich Nhat Hanh

Life is so hectic these days we rarely take the time to pause and just be fully in the present moment. Always moving from one thing to another on the continual wheel of life and all the stresses it brings…

Evidence shows mindfulness can help us regulate our thoughts and moods, become more resilient in the face of stress and challenges. By bringing awareness to the present moment through meditation and mindfulness we actually become more productive & effective whilst also restoring a sense of balance and calm in our lives.

Incorporating mindfulness and meditation into everyday life helps us to live in the here and now with a clearer calmer mind, enabling us to develop more appropriate responses to stress rather than reacting, we can begin to learn to respond much more effectively.

Mindfulness and mediation are proven tools for stress, depression, anxiety and grief.

Meditation is a part of all Akhanda yoga classes and Carole also runs a 6 week course in Meditation and Mindful Living as well as offering one to one private sessions.