A 6 week course exploring meditation & mindfulness practices for daily life.


During this 6 week practical, experiential course we will cultivate a greater awareness, understanding and acceptance of our emotions.

We will learn new ways to handle challenging emotions, moods, social interactions and physical sensations through the practice of meditation and gentle movement.

Life is so hectic these days we rarely take the time to pause and just be fully in the present moment. Always moving from one thing to another on the continual wheel of life and all the stresses it brings…

Evidence shows mindfulness can help us regulate our thoughts and moods, become more resilient in the face of stress and challenges. By bringing awareness to the present moment through meditation and mindfulness we actually become more productive & effective whilst also restoring a sense of balance and calm in our lives.

We will share practical tools to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into everyday life helping you to live in the here and now with a clearer calmer mind. Through these techniques we develop more appropriate responses to stress rather than reacting, we can begin to learn to respond much more effectively.

Mindfulness and mediation are proven tools for stress, depression, anxiety and grief.

The course will be led by Carole who has experience in many different forms of meditation and mindfulness practices. After attending teachings with the Dalai Lama in India Carole went on to undertake further study into Buddhist meditation attending teachings at same Ling Monastery in Scotland. Carole also has training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy.

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