The hormonal fluctuations as we journey through the various stages of life can be difficult and disturbing, but it doesn't have to be that way...

Through the practices of yoga, relaxation, meditation sound healing and self care we can embrace the various stages of our life and travel the sometimes rocky path through the journeys of our feminine cycles.

You will learn tools to bring into your daily life to alleviate the symptoms and install a sense of equilibrium and well-being whilst rebalancing the hormones.

We will practice both active and restorative yoga postures. There will be a focus on developing meditation practices for relaxation and we will also share yoga nidra, a yogic sleep practice for deep relaxation. Each class will end with a short sound healing with singing bowls or the gong.

These Friday sessions offer a lovely circle of healing and nurturing wherever we are on our journey of life and all are very welcome whatever your physical ability at this moment.

Please do contact Leela if you have any questions at all:



Classes for all women, whatever cycle of life you may be in or whatever level your yoga practice may be…

Carole’s style of teaching is nurturing, supportive and all inclusive with classes designed to offer an opportunity to relax and rejuvenate away from the pressures of day to day living in a supportive and nurturing community.

In a judgement free space we will explore yoga and your body encouraging you to find new levels of possibilities in both body and mind whilst also providing the tools to bring the practice off the mat and into your daily lives.

The classes introduce the basic principles of alignment, breath, sound, yogic thought and relaxation. You will come away with tools to help you move with greater ease, and use breath both to uplift and calm your whole system.

Classes are always small in number, taught in circle and responsive to the needs of the group that have gathered in that particular moment…

Carole’s classes are suitable for all levels and a perfect introduction to yoga for the complete beginner.