A Time For Transition…


It is so hard to believe that over two months have passed since we were able to share our practices in the studio. This last two months have most definitely been full of ups and downs, a journey with twists and turns, no knowing what the next step was going to be at times. But, here we are, we have navigated the path this far, and we are preparing now to emerge from our isolated bubbles into a world which will feel very different.

For many, it is this transition back out from our place of safety that will give rise to fear and concerns, we have kept ourselves and our loved ones safe, now, the control of that safety is being taken away form us and we have to trust others to do the right thing to keep us all safe. Some of us will have lost our jobs, our incomes and the future may feel very uncertain at this time. Whatever the effects of this pandemic for each of us, there seems no doubt we are navigating a different journey to that which we were previously on and we will each have differing views of the next steps, the way forward and what the future holds.

We each have to navigate this next step in our own ways as we have done until now, there should be no judgement of the choices anyone makes as to how they navigate this next step of the journey, we must all trust. Trust in ourselves, the decisions we make and that we know deep within ourselves exactly what we need. That we have everything in us that we need to move forward on this new unknown world with hope and optimism.

My personal journey through this time has absolutely had its high days and its low days. I am a person who is very happy alone, I like my own company, and fill my days quite easily with my practices, reading, crafting, and in the early days, like many of us a clear out of gigantic proportions! I have joined the army of home bakers (who were able to find flour!) Banana Bread went well, Sourdough much less so, and Sarahs Birthday cake was a huge success but almost 12 inches high!!

I have learned there are a million yoga teachers out there, all now fighting for air time, but also that the generosity of some of the best teachers has blown me away. I have been able to practice and learn with teachers who would have previously been inaccessible to me and for their offerings I am so grateful.

In the early weeks I kept very busy with my yoga and meditation practices, joined Sadhanas and studied, filling most of the hours of the day. I am so glad that I did, I have so much more to offer now both to myself and to others, but I also came to the realisation that I was hearing and telling this was a time to pause, I started listening to the messages I was sharing with others and I really did pause. Still I read and still I practiced, but I made much more time to rest and to allow the healing we were being offered, there was no judgement, no criticism of myself, just a calling in of a time to to rest and nurture, to accept the healing we were being offered to flow in.

But, I know that for many this period of isolation will have been a really  difficult place to be. For some that isolation will have brought to the fore things that may have been laying dormant and difficulties may have arisen in relationships, as well as the hardship some will have experienced.

However we have experienced this period, whatever we may be feeling or experiencing, for me the importance of emerging gently from these isolated bubbles is so very important. I hope with all my heart that we don’t all try to rush back and recreate the world as it was. This is a new world, it will look different, it will be different. But it is a new world full of opportunity and hope. Opportunity to rethink our relationship with the earth, the materialism and consumerism which drove us before. To rethink what we really do need in our lives and what is important to us. We have an opportunity to ask ourselves what do we really want to do with this precious life we have been gifted, what are the gifts we have to offer the world.

As the quote above says the world may feel broken now but we have so much to be grateful for and the joy can be reclaimed if we allow ourselves to go gently in reclaiming our place in that world again.

I will be sharing plans for bringing our sessions back again in the next weeks tomorrow and I really hope to see you all soon.

Take care, rest gently and be kind, very kind, to yourself.

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