A Gentle Emergence…

This photograph was taken in the very early morning at Kunjapuri Devi Temple which stands 1650 meters above Rishikesh in the Himalayas. As we watched the changing colours of the sky and the gentle rise of the sun, the eagle in the image circulated around before our eyes, he flew in as if coming straight toward me, flew away and came back again several times, at the time I did not know the spiritual meaning of the Eagle. I know now that the appearance of the eagle is said to bestow freedom and courage to look ahead. This was particularly poignant for me then and today it popped up again. A time when I am emerging into the new world, a world that will at times I feel call to us to embrace the limited freedom we do have and to move forward with courage into what is really an unknown way of being.

For many amongst us I know the last months have been incredibly difficult and we have all been faced with challenges in different ways. I have missed teaching but the pause has been a time of growth and learning for which I am grateful. Now, I feel ready to gently emerge from this bubble and to seek ways of reconnecting with everyone and sharing practice again.

It will be some time before we can return to the classes as we knew them before, but I have been looking at ways we could perhaps gather in some form.

I have taken advice and it does seem that we can go ahead with socially distant one to ones now if we are outdoors, these can take place in my garden or yours or any outdoor location that suits. I am also hopeful and planning for small outdoor sessions from 15th June, these will be held in my garden or perhaps on the beach!

The focus will be on Restorative and Yin Yoga, Meditation and Yoga Nidra, as I believe these are the practices which will offer gentleness in the emergence from social isolation and will nurture as we navigate our way on this new path. I have completed further studies in Homeopathy, Reiki and EFT (Tapping) during these weeks which I look forward to sharing.

The Proposed Schedule for the coming months is:

ONE to ONE £20

Sessions will be between 60 – 90 minuets in length.

These will be outdoors socially distanced or via Zoom/Skype if preferred.

If you would like to share the session with one other the cost will be the same.


Wednesday Mornings. 

Thursday All Day

Friday Mornings

Saturday Mornings


Outdoors(in my garden at Northiam or sometimes on the beach if wished)

Maximum 5 people

Wednesday 2 – 3:30pm

Friday 1:30 – 3pm

SUNDAY SELF CARE June 21st 10 – 12:30. £12

Bookings are essential by contacting leela@leelaholistic.co.uk

I understand that these times may be difficult so please do contact me if you would like to book but the cost is an issue at all.

I hope to see you all soon. For now be gentle with yourselves, take the steps ahead carefully and in your own unique way.


I am that. I am all, all is within me, all guides and protects me.


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